Ironclad Train № 13 “Tula operating”

Military-memorial The complex Ironclad Train № 13 “Tula operating” is a real ironclad train, which was constructed in autumn of 1941 by railroadmen and armorers of Tula and made a great contribution to the defense of the city from enemies.

The ironclad train is situated at Moskovskiy railway station in Tula. The exposition of carriages illustrates the role of the train in the defense of Tula in autumn 1941 and its war history.

Guests can experience the conditions of soldiers during the war, watch a newsreel in the carriage-club, see the carriage-bakery, and take part in an interactive war game in the carriage-command unit.

The location: Tula region, the square of Moskovskiy railway station

tel.: +7 (4872) 46-25-80

Byakovo quarry or Gremyachev caves

Byakovo quarry is an underground construction of XV-XVI centuries, where camstone was procured on the bank of the Osetr river. There are three different branches in the caves, 150 km long. Speleologists and tourists who are not afraid of dirt and darkness come to the caves. The itinerary begins in the adit which is called “Bol’shak”, then you have to crawl to the gangways and to the underground lake, where you can even dive. It is dark in Byakovo quarry (don’t forget to take a torch). It is also cold and damp there (the average temperature is 8 degrees C), so you will need a special gear – warm water-resistant clothes. You can even stay overnight in one of the cages. Gremyachev caves or Arapov cave monastery is situated on the bank of the Tetyakovka river 6 km away from Gremyacheye settlement. The itinerary is 250 meters maximum.

The location: Tula region, Venyov district, Byakovo village

The museum of motor vehicles “Automobiles of the USSR”

The museum “Automobiles of the USSR” in Chernousovo village is an outdoor museum of motor vehicles. The exposition consists of a large number of not restored motor-cars and trucks, which were produced in the USSR in 40s-90s of the XX century.

The founder of this museum is the collector M.Yu.Krasinets. Today the museum has more than 300 exhibits of Russian and foreign automobiles. Some exhibits participated in the motor rally of retro automobiles, in different exhibitions and appeared in different movies. Apart from the serial cars there are also very rare and even unique ones. Visitors can watch, touch and even get inside all automobiles. This is one of the peculiarities of this museum.

The location: Tula region, Chern district, Chernousovo village

Tel.: +7 (903) 035-58-15, +7 (919) 077-77-26

The Museum “Moto-Auto-Art”

Today the museum accommodates a unique collection of motor vehicles, which were produced in Tula Machine Engineering Plant. The exposition displays motor-bicycles which have been produced since the beginning of the XX century. There also scooters produced by “Vyatskiye polyany” plant, «Cezeta» and «Jawa» motor-bicycles and scooters produced in Minsk, Izhevsk, L’vov, Riga, Penza and so on. The museum has its own maintenance department, where the restoration is held.

The location: Tula region, Tula, Kharino village, Kol’tsevaya, str.12

Tel.: +7 (905) 627-51-15

Production of pastille “Old traditions”

The factory-museum “Old traditions” is devoted to the apple logo of Belev – Belev Pastille. The visitors have an opportunity to learn the history of the delicacy and method of its production. You can also taste pastille at any stage of its production. You can get acquainted with another craft – bobbin lace. You will get to know the secrets of its production and will also take part in a master class. At the end of the excursion there is a testing session of products produced by “Old Traditions”. There are more than 30 kinds of Belev pastille, marmalade, marshmallow, fruit leather, starch drinks and tees.

The location: Tula region, Belev, Privokzal’naya str., 21B

Tel: +7 (902) 696-11-47

Museum “Filimonovo Toy”

The museum is devoted to type of Russian pottery craft produced in Odoyevsky District - Filimonovo Toy. The museum was settled by the head of the museum S.V.Kuznetsov. There are not only Filimonovo toys but also toys from other cities and settlements. There are also Greek toys, which were produced in 1400-1100 BC.

Visitors have an opportunity both to observe the process of toys’ production and to make toys themselves, for example a horse, a duck or a cock. There is also a master class on modeling and painting of Filimonovo toys, on making rag dolls and spinning.

The location: Tula region, Odoyev, Sil’verstov str., 11

Теl: +7 4873 64 17 24

“Old Tula Pharmacy”

“Old Tula Pharmacy” started its new life. It has been known to Tula dwellers since the 19th century. Now it is an exposition of Tula historical architectural museum.

This museum has become a place for researches and experiments. Medicines are not sold here, instead excursions and master classes are conducted here.

One can get an overview of how “Old Tula Pharmacy” looked like in the second part of the 19th century, when it was owned by F.G.Belyavskiy. Retail floors, mirror cases, a lot of glass. Entering it you can get into the past, when the pharmacy, which became the most famous in Tula and in Tula region, worked in this house.

The location: Tula region, Tula, Lenin Avenue, 27

Теl: +7 4872 31 26 61

Art-location “Museum not toys”

The museum holds a collection of almost 1oo antique and rare Teddy bears from many countries. There is a new exhibition in the museum every month – china dolls, works of authorship, cartoon heroes and so on.

During an excursion visitors can learn the history of all exhibits and take part in master-classes: learn to sew Teddy bears, to make dolls (for theatre and cartoons).

The location: Tula region, Tula, Lenin Avenue, 31

Теl.: +7 4872 36 73 09

The Museum of clowns

The Museum of clowns is one of the largest museums in Europe (about 7000 exhibits). It is situated in the building of Tula circus.

This rich diverse collection was collected by a circus artist and an acrobat V.A. Akinishin. Some of his exhibits were used in acrobatic performances. He was honoured a prestigious circus award Siver Clown, and the performance itself was brought into the history of world circus.

There are clowns of different sizes in the collection: form really small (5 sm.) to big ones (human scale). Clowns are made from wood, iron, fabrics and ceramics.

The location: Tula region, Tula, Sovetskaya str., 96

Теl: +7 4872 71 73 03

The sculpture “Mortification of a flea”

The literary image, embodied in steel “Mortification of English flea by Tula Levsha” appeared in Tula by 135 anniversary of publication of the novel by N.Leskov “Levsha” in 2016. The ambiguous monument is constructed in steampunk style. It is a giant flea more than 3 meters high. It is a cumulative image of aggression which is symbolized by a flea. It is filled with arms, guns, shells and bullets. The author of the monument, Igor Zolotov, wanted to show the struggle of good and evil.

The most important in the monument is the work of Levsha. Instead of Levsha you can see only his shadow, so any person can try on his role.

The location: Tula region, Tula, Lenin Avenue, 85, art-location LikerkaLoft

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