Tula gingerbread

Tula gingerbread is a unique Russian delicacy. It is both a delicacy and a souvenir, which can take on the role of a postcard or a congratulation, modeled in the best national traditions. No event in Russia took place without gingerbreads. There was a tradition to give them as a present to closed ones. Gingerbread was served on both tzar and peasant dinner tables.

Tula Samovar

There is a saying – Don’t go to Tula with your own samovar. Samovars should be taken from Tula as a symbol of Russian tea drinking. The tradition of Tula tea drinking has existed for ages. It is as complicated as Chinese of Japanese one.

Tula accordion

It is impossible to imagine Russian folklore without an accordion. This musical instrument has become a part of national culture. The oldest factory for accordions production of different types is situated in Tula. In any gift shop tourists can buy accordions of different types and colours.

Works of Tula gunmakers

Ancestors of contemporary Tula dwellers were real experts in production not only of knives, daggers, but also of cannons, rifles and other firearms. One of the most famous pistols is the pistol of Tula Tokarev “TT”. Any person who has special permission can buy a knife or a fowling-piece. Guests can always buy souvenir arms.

Belev lace

One of the national crafts of Tula region is Belev lace, unique, sophisticated, aristocratic and graceful.

Nuns of Belev monastery were the first who started to tat the lace. Lace from golden and silver threads was tatted on bobbins. It was used only for dresses of noble people and priests.

Belev lace illustrates the distinctive character, individuality and beauty of a person. Perhaps it was the reason why in France, in the capital of high fashion it was considered to be superb.

Belev pastille

Belev pastille is a great desert, which is famous among foodies. Belev pastille appeared thanks to a merchant A.P. Prokhorov. According to the ancient tradition Belev pastille is hand-made.

Suvorov candies

Suvorov candies are well-known not only in Tula region but also in many other regions of Russia. They are made from nuts, dried fruit, candied fruit, seeds, berries, spices.

Fictile Toys

Russian kids were playing fictile toys for a thousand years. They are popular among kids now as well. Most popular are from Tula, Bogoroditsk and of course Filimonovo. Filimonovo craftsmen inherited knowledge of making multicoloured toys from their grandparents.

Tula tracery

Tula tracery was initially used for decoration of arms. Tracery was copied from French and Spanish rifles. But then our own unique tracery appeared. Besides wire tracery jewels and noble metals were used. Almost everything was decorated: arms, knives, combs, cassettes and so on.

Tula is one of few cities where this tradition is still kept.

Tea of health and longevity of A.T.Bolotov

In the museum-estate of an outstanding agronomist A.T.Bolotov “Dvoryaninovo” all guests are treated to delicious tea. In original Bolotov brewed tea with betony, purple sage and chamomile. Guests are offered tea with betony, mint, wild strawberry and black current.

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