The year of the first mentioning of Tula is 1146, which is a year earlier than Moscow!

The name of Tula was due to the Tulitsa River, which covertly flowed among the deep forests. The name of the River had originated from the strange word "zatuliye," which had meant a hidden, inaccessible place.

Tula Region hosts Chekalin, the smallest city in Russia. Its population is as little as 944 people.

There is a three-meter statue of a Tyrannosaurus Rex erected in Tula, in front of the exotarrium. Tula inhabitants call it "the monument to the mother-in-law." Tula exotarrium assembled the world's largest collection of reptiles, more than 500 species.

The image on the five-thousand-ruble bill is associated with Tula. Nikolay Nikolayevich Muravyov-Amursky, whose monument is depicted on the bill, was the Governor of Tula in 1846.

The first blast furnace plant of the Moscow State was built in Tula. The first "State-Owned Armory" was opened in Tula in 1705, and in 1712, the Tula Arms Plant was founded following the edict signed by Peter I.

The first children's theater in Russia was established in 1779 in Bogoroditsk, Tula Province, in the estate of Counts Bobrinsky, by the Administrator, the famous polymath A.T. Bolotov.

The unique Tula gingerbread was considered the one, the baking dish of which had been cut out and soaked for 10-20 years. Thereafter, it was ready for baking gingerbread, but only once. The second gingerbread baked in the same form was no longer deemed unique. One of these unique gingerbread pieces was baked to coincide with the coronation of Nicholas II. The gingerbread showed a profile of the tzar himself.

Tula Central Park named after P.P. Belousov is among the ten largest parks in Europe. The total area of the park is 143 hectares, 97 of which are covered with green planting.

The first Eternal Flame in the USSR was lit in the village of Pervomaisky, Shchekinsky District, Tula Region, on 9 May 1955 in memory of those fallen during the Great Patriotic War.

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