“Khomyakov home” Literary festival

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1 Oktyabrskiy village, Leninskiy district, Tula region
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  • Description

    The first literary festival “Khomyakov home” will take place in Tula Historical and Architectural Museum, estate of A.S. Khomyakov “Bogucharovo” and at other venues in Tula from 6th to 8th of September. The festival includes a laboratory for young poets.

     The laboratory is an opportunity to work under the guidance of well-known masters, discuss your texts with them and get professional advice, take part in joint readings and publish works in a topic collection.

    The laboratory takes place in the estate “Bogucharovo” and is dedicated to A. S. Khomyakov and a reflexive transformation of his ideas. In his famous article “About the Old and the New” (1839) the poet and philosopher reflects upon the “golden old times” and contemporary Russia, examining the “old-new” dilemma important not only for historians and philosophers but also for poets. To reject the past or to draw wisdom in it, rely on traditionalism or progress, prefer Slavophilism or Westernism are the topics of intense debates of conservatives and revolutionaries in Russian art which are especially relevant now.

    Questions asked to participants: is it necessary to choose the side in the dispute between the “old” and the “new”? What is the position of a poet in the modern world and should the poet have a position? Can poetry become obsolete? What remained of the previous genres? What form do they continue to exist in or have they disappeared completely?

    The participants are invited to reconsider these and other topics in a one-day laboratory as part of the first festival “Khomyakov home”. The laboratory will be held on September 7, 2019 in the estate “Bogucharovo”.

    The laboratory hosts:

    Yuliy Gugolev, poet;

    Lev Oborin, poet, critic, editor of a project “Polka” (“Shelf”);

    Dana Sideros, poet, playwright.

    The terms of participation:

    Candidates send applications to the email address http://tiam-tula.ru/. The application must contain:

    - name, surname, contact details;

    - motivation letter: in the laboratory of which master do you want to participate and why (less than in two pages);

    - a brief autobiography;

    - poems (250-300 lines) which in your opinion are reflecting the competition topic.

    Your works will be published in the festival’s collection in case of the successful completion of the selection part.

    Participants are selected by hosts of the laboratory. Applications are accepted only in electronic form no later than June 30 (11:00 pm Moscow time). Applications are not reviewed.

    Applicants are fully responsible for the authorship of submitted works.

    Competition schedule:

    April 15 - June 30 - collection of applications;

    July 15 - announcement of the winners;

    September 6–8 - the laboratory conducting.

    Travel from Moscow and neighboring regions (Moscow, Belgorod, Tula, Ryazan, Oryol, Kaluga, Lipetsk) and accommodation of participants are paid by the organizers of the laboratory.

    You can ask
    additional questions about the organization of the competition and the
    laboratory by email of the event.
  • Contacts
    1 Oktyabrskiy village, Leninskiy district, Tula region
    +7 (4872) 72-67-41

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