International Theater Fest “Tolstoy”

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YasnayaPolyana, Shchekino, Tula region
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  • Description

    The theater fest “Tolstoy” will be held in the museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana” on July 4-7, 2019. This is an international open-air festival. Large and chamber performances will be shown at the five areas on the estate territory. Also special tourist routes will be created for the fest.

    “In 2019, the fest will preserve the diversity and multi-genres of events. The core of the program is performances from different regions of Russia and the world based on Tolstoy texts, fresh performances, representing contemporary views on the ideas and images of the Yasnaya Polyana owner. The performances will be impressionable, dramatic as well as in the genre of puppet theater. Performances for children will be especially interesting. Several plays are created for young viewers with a lot of music and visual joys”, says Pavel Rudnev, program director of the fest, theater critic and assistant art director of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater on special projects.

  • Contacts
    YasnayaPolyana, Shchekino, Tula region
    +7 (4872) 50-29-47; +7 (48751) 76-0-86; +7 (4872) 39-35-99 (отдел туризма)

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