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“Tsarskaya Nevesta” open air

the Kremlin, Tula

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  • Description

    The opera of Rimskiy-Korsakov will be performed in the “scenery” of Tula Kremlin.

    On August 17, 2019, the performance of the opera “Tsarskaya Nevesta” (“Tsar’s Bride”) written by N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov will take place. This date is the 120th anniversary of the first performance of this opera. The opera which storyline is held during the times of Ivan the Terrible will be shown to the audience as part of the events dedicated to the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Tula Kremlin and the Great Abatis Line. The performance will take place in “open air” format popular one among modern musical theater shows.

    Tula public will see a semi-stage version of the opera, which involves concert performance in costumes with elements of theatricalization. The ancient walls of Tula Kremlin that can be considered a contemporary of the historical epoch of the “Tsarskaya Nevesta”, its towers and cathedrals will become the authentic scenery of the opera creating historical vividness and “turning off” the modern urban background of the big city life. The audience will feel themselves in the atmosphere of the medieval Alexandrov settlement where in 1572 the events of the opera take place.

    Its plot is based on the historical episode of matchmaking and the marriage of Tsar Ivan the Terrible to the beautiful boyar daughter Marfa Sobakina and the mysterious death of the royal bride that soon followed. Original national characters and personal destinies are intertwined in it with the dramatic circumstances of one of the most difficult periods of Russian history, the struggle of the boyars (court nobility) with the oprichnina (political and administrative apparatus established by Ivan the Terrible).

    The performance will involve the best creative forces of Tula: Tula Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra (artistic director and principal conductor Vladislav Lavrik) and the Tula State Choir (artistic director Alexander Solovyov) as well as leading singers of Russian musical theaters. The director and curator of the project is Polina Berten (Moscow), the conductor is the laureate of the President of the Russian Federation Prize Vladislav Lavrik, the production designer is Gabriella Izhevskaya (Moscow).

    Immersing into the atmosphere of the era and the music of Rimskiy-Korsakov will complement the additional areas for entertainment and recreation. There will be a playground for children next to the stage. A cafe will work on the territory of the Kremlin. After the performance the audience will be able to take part in photo shoots with the actors.

    The “Tsarskaya Nevesta” open air project is held by Tula Regional Philharmonic named after I.A. Mikhaylovskiy together with the creative laboratory “Alfa Music” with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Tula region. It is an integral part of the large-scale project “Tula Kremlin 500 - Pages of History in Music” which won a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Russia for creative events.

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