Master class on swing dance from the studio Jumpin’ Jive

70А Friedrich Engels street, Tula

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  • Description

    We present the new format of Sunday: open master classes of Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz once a week.

    What kind of dancing?

    These are the dances that carry away with their vigorous energy. Dances which beauty is in simplicity and carelessness. Dancing aimed at communication, friendship, romance, i.e. anything, but not the boredom of learning. They do not need training or a partner like in ballroom dance. This is a dance for ordinary people.

    The name of swing came from the music. Swing music is a kind of jazz. It has a clear beat and irrepressible energy.

    Why are these dances?

    Imagine would you like to dance silently, sweat from efforts and learn routines? Unlikely so. Therefore, we will talk, joke and invent dance on the go using basic steps that we will learn in class. This is great for meeting friends on Sunday and a small party in the middle of the day.

    And if you add acquaintance with the culture and fashion of New York of the last century, the skill of dance dialogue in a pair and the feeling that you managed to learn something over the weekend then you will understand why we are already waiting for the next Sunday.

  • Contacts
    70А Friedrich Engels street, Tula
    +7 (920) 754-44-33

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