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The Tale of Deva Tulyanka and the Abbatis Line

Kazanskaya embankment, Tula

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  • Description

    A large-scale creative project “The Tale of Deva Tulyanka (Tula Maiden) and the Abbatis Line” will take place on July 6, 2019, on the eve of the old national holiday of Ivan Kupala on the Kazanskaya Embankment of the Upa River, under the walls of Tula Kremlin. The musical performance of the folklore ensemble “Uslada” (“Enjoyment”) “The Tale of Deva Tulyanka and the Abbatis Line” will be the central part of the program (artistic director of the ensemble is Honored Worker of Culture of Russia Marina Fedoseyeva, scriptwriter and director - Veniamin Nayman, choreographer and stage designer Olga Skovorodnikova).

    The events of the performance unfold on June 21, one thousand three hundred “some” year. It recreates the dramatic and heroic pages of the ancient Tula history which determined the fate and purpose of our region in the whole history of the country for many years. The script is based on historical and archaeological discoveries, unique lines of archival documents telling about what preceded the creation of “Grad kamenna on Tula” (“Stone Town in Tula”), one of the most important fortresses of the Abbatis Line, the impregnable stronghold on the southern border of Russian state. Against the background of epic events, the personal fates of people will revive in the performance, characters of the chronicles and the unknown heroes of those ancient times will reveal their secrets. There will be many sharp turns and unexpected encounters.

    Screenwriter and production director: Veniamin NAYMAN

    Ballet-Master: Olga SKOVORODNIKOVA

    Composer and arranger: Sergey RUDNEV


    Folklore ensemble “Uslada”

    Dance ensemble “Vizavi” (“Vis-a-vis”) (leader of the ensemble: Denis Vasin)

    Start of activities:

    7.00 pm Interactive programs (wreaths making, candles handing out, round dances, games)

    9.00 pm Music performance “The Tale of Deva Tulyanka and the Abbatis Line”

    10.30 pm Wreaths’ release to the Upa river according to the old Russian tradition.

  • Contacts
    Kazanskaya embankment, Tula
    +7 (4872) 36-77-96

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