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Gremyachevo caves

Tula Region, Novomoskovsk district, Tetyakovka village
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  • Description
    Gremyachevsky (Arapov) caves are located in the Novomoskovsk region of the Tula region, 6 kilometers from the village Gremyachee. The caves are located on the river bank, at the bottom of the cliff. Gremyachevsky caves are known as the Arapov Cave Monastery. Now there are 2 caves. The first is – «a hermit cell, » - it is located 700 m from the village. It is located in a clearly visible sandstone outlet, is a 6-m-long ponor with a branch of 2 m to the right of the entrance. To the right of the entrance to the sandstone there is a grotto 2x2 m. The second cave is a "monastery", it is located 450 m downstream from the first. The slope at the entrance collapsed. At the base of the slope there is an entrance , the hole 0.5 m wide, 1 m high. The cave is a system of geometrically right passages, the walls of which have built-in niches and benches. There are several "cells" 2х2 m and "church" 2х6 m with a ceiling of 3 m. Most of the passages are 1 m wide, 2 m high. The central gangway ends with a series of covered lazes and landslide halls.
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    Tula Region, Novomoskovsk district, Tetyakovka village
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