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Guryevskiye Quarries

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    Do you like traveling to unusual places, but don't want to go too far? In this case, you may want to spend the weekend at Guryevskiye Quarries in Tula Region. Byaki is this place's other name. The quarries are a network of caves with a total length of 40 to 180 km. Why is there such a distance? This is because the Guryevskiye Quarries have not been explored well enough yet, which makes them more of a mystery for both experienced speleologists and guests of Tula Region.

    Without any exaggeration, we can say that the impressions one can get in Byaki will remain forever. They will be bright and unique. Move a few meters away from the entrance, turn off your flashlight, and it begins ... the Guryevskiye Quarries will let you know what happens when suddenly there's nothing. Now you are in the System.

    History of the Guryevskiye Quarries

    Byaki appeared not naturally but through limestone mining. The mining began back in the 16th century and continued until the end of the 19th century. Some of the ways are quite small, which suggests that children were hired to collect limestone. To save people from disappearing in the caves, it was decided to fill up the entrance to Byaki in 1946. However, in 1972 the entrance was excavated, the study of the System began, and the first tourists travelled there along the way.

    Guryevskiye Quarries aka Byaki are located at village Byakovo in Venevsky district. Look for the entrance near the Osyotr River bank according to the coordinates: 54.39804398449077 °N 38.19913971290331 °E

    However, knowing the address is not enough. In no case should you visit Byaki on your own! The sight has a group on Vkontakte at You can find there an experienced guide who will make your trip interesting and, most importantly, as safe as possible.

    Welcome for unforgettable impressions and cool photos!

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    Right Osyotr River bank, Village Byakovo, Venevsky District, Tula Region
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Right Osyotr River bank, Village Byakovo, Venevsky District, Tula Region

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