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Children and youth tourism regional center

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    State educational institution of additional education of children in the Tula region« “Children and youth tourism regional center” was established in September, 1954. The institution is a methodological and organizational center, which organizes local touristic and educational activity. It provides additional educational services in 36 areas, including tourism and local studies, sport, military-patriotic education and natural sciences. Annually it organizes and carries out more than 20 regional mass events for pupils and students from educational institutions of the Tula region such as competitions in sport tourism, ski-tourism, orienteering, “School of safety”, skill contests and quizzes in such spheres as sport, local studies and natural sciences. The center provides methodological assistance in work organization of museums in educational institutions in the Tula region and certificates them. 175 museums in educational institutions of the region operate under the leadership of the center. It also carries out organizational and methodological work with the heads and the teachers of educational institutions of the Tula region. The center’s experts organize workshops on training for competitions. A school of training for tourist group members operates. The center develops research activity. It organizes geological, paleontological, ethnographic expeditions and conferences on regional studies for students of the center to research their native land. In recreation camps and expeditions students of the center, along with their teachers, are studying local history, getting stronger, preparing for being worthy defenders of their Motherland. The center carries out work on patriotic education of young people. Its students not only know the benefits of life in expeditions, but also defend the honor of the region by winning local and All-Russian competitions on regional studies, hiking, water and ski tourism.
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    45 Bundurin Str., Tula
    +7 (4872) 31-82-73, 31-82-74
    Mon-Thu 08:30-17:15; Fri 08:30-16:00
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45 Bundurin Str., Tula
+7 (4872) 31-82-73, 31-82-74
Mon-Thu 08:30-17:15; Fri 08:30-16:00

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