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Tarzan Park Rope Park

Tula, Schekino highway, 24 km, Dolina Iks territory
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  • Description
    Tarzan Park is a complex of amusements located at a height of three meters or more. The park includes obstacles of varying complexity - from the simplest, for people with minimal physical training, to complex sports, requiring not only muscular strength, but also a strong character. Everyone who has entered the park has the opportunity to feel like an alpinist, a climber and simply a dexterous person! Before passing the obstacles you are instructed, given out straps, necessary safety elements, snap hooks and rollers.
  • Contacts
    Tula, Schekino highway, 24 km, Dolina Iks territory
    +7 915 686 58 84; +7 953 188 14 73;
    СР- ВС: 12:00 - 20:00;
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