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The temple in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "The Execution of the Dead"

Tula Region, Efremov, Dachnaya street, 2
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  • Description
    The temple was built in Yefremov, on the picturesque shore of Krasny Swords,in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "The Execution of the Dead". The church was built in 1817. In the early 30s of the last century the temple was desecrated and looted. In the building, a hostel was organized for young Komsomol members who helped build the Efremovskaya TPP. But due to the fact that most of the temple was not heated, and therefore, was unfit for living, the hostel was moved to another place, and the temple was blown up. In March 1970, Father Herman was appointed dean of the Ephraim district. He immediately began to carefully study the Ephraim region. Through his efforts, all the current temples of the region were restored and renovated. In 1989, a small wooden temple with a capacity of 250 people was built on the site of the destroyed temple. In the autumn of 1992 the construction of a stone church was started. In 1999, by the decision of the Council of People's Deputies, the temple "The Execution of the Dead" was recognized as a cultural monument of the Efremov district. At present the church is the Cathedral with the parish school.
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    Tula Region, Efremov, Dachnaya street, 2
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