Valeriy Akishin Museum of clowns

Tula, Sovetskaya str., 96
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  • Description
    The Clown Museum is the first and only museum of clowns in Russia and the largest in the world. The museum was created by the collector and famous Soviet and Russian circus artist Valeriy Akishin. The collection was accumulated by the artist for about 45 years and now it has more than 5,000 exhibits. The museum does not have many personalized figurines. He speaks more about the image of the clown from the philosophical point of view on the genre. Although there are many real characters, for example, Oleg Popov and Yuri Nikulin, and foreign – Charlie Rivel and Emmett Kelly. The museum is located in the Tula State Circus and any person, who will come to the circus show, can get acquainted with the exhibition.
  • Contacts
    Tula, Sovetskaya str., 96
    8 (953) 443-14-80
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