Museum of Communications

Tula, Lenin Prospect, 33 A
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  • Description

    The museum was opened on May 17, 2002, on World Telecommunication Day.

    The exposition covers three stages of the domestic communications industry development in Tula Oblast: the pre-revolutionary period, the Soviet years and present days. Workers and long-service employees of the communication sphere provided photographs and personal items as well as took part in museum exposition creation. The unique museum collection dedicated to the history of communications’ development in Tula Oblast consists of exhibits of the history of postal, telegraph and telephone communications, radio communications and radio broadcasting, television and mobile communications. Items collected bit by bit had managed a long way before becoming museum exhibits. In the museum one may also get acquainted with the modern digital interactive “Rostelecom” Television.

    The museum possesses over 500 exhibits including:

    - “Klopfer” sounder

    - Morse writing telegraph (St. Petersburg, Siemens and Halske, 1900s)

    - Morse writing telegraph made in USSR (First Soviet serial device produced by Losinoostrovsky Electrotechnical Plant, 1934)

    - Fragment of the Baudot direct-printing telegraph (1940)

    - Wheatstone Bridge (N.K. Geissler and Co., Petrograd, 1909)

    - TAI-43 Field-telephone (field telephone with inductor call, 1943)

    - Radio broadcasting receiver-plate (plate-reproducer of the wartime of the Murom Radio Plant)

    - Manual telephone switchboard

    - Operational decade-step automatic telephone exchange

    - Books of honor, transferable banners of socialist competitions

    - Collection of service telephone cards of different years

    All excursions are held on request no later than one week before the desired date. For booking please call: +7 (4872) 30-85-98 on weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

  • Contacts
    Tula, Lenin Prospect, 33 A
    (4872) 30-85-98; +7 910-167-27-67
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