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    Horse Stone! Some scientists say that it is of natural origin and has remained here since the ice age. The horse-stone stands on three other boulders, as if on legs. Other boulders are scattered nearby. But the fact that the stone is on a hill, and is even put on three other boulders, will tell all the visitors that this is not a joke of nature. Other scientists believe that this is an ancient compass. The hole in the Cob-stone points to the point of the sunrise on the day of the solstice, the pole of the world, and several more astronomical directions. Still others tend to believe that the stone was set here in honor of the victory of the Russian army over the Mongol-Tatars. After all, it was in this place that the Russian soldiers put a definite stop by the victory over the Golden Horde. In the forest in the ravine, about a kilometer from the Horse-Stone, there is one more enchanted place. The locals call it cursed and do not go there. But all-knowing scientists say that this is a terrible place- the ancient pagan sanctuary – which represents one complex with the Horse-Stone. In the ravine there is a stone altar with a plate serving as an altar and a cavity for the sacrificial bowl. The funnels also did not scare off the people of science, but produced the impression of carefully thought-out indentations. They believe that they are bowls and drains that could serve to collect rainwater, which was considered healing.
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    Kozye, Efremovsky District, Tula Region
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Kozye, Efremovsky District, Tula Region

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