The Horse-stone

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    Some tourists look for the Horse-Stone in the town of Yefremov, but the stone is found much farther downstream the Krasivaya Mecha River. To reach this unusual megalith, you should drive along the M4 highway. The Horse-Stone is located near the village of Kozye. There are two roads, or better to say, routes leading to this settlement from M4 highway, along which, even rear-wheel vehicles can drive easily.

    The first option is to turn off M4 into the 70K-129 highway and head towards the settlements of Mirny and Tormasovo. Where the road turns at right angles to Malaya Kosaya and Kocherginka, you should drive into the field along an unusually smooth dirt road to Krasnogor. The village of Kozye is found nearby.

    The second route is somewhat longer, but it allows you to explore the beauty of Krasivaya Mecha landscape. In this case, after you turn from the highway onto the 70K-123 road, turn left towards the river when you reach the village of Kozminsky. This road ends in the village of Kozye, where you can ask friendly residents from which side it is more convenient to approach the Horse-Stone.

    Is such a challenging journey worth it?

    First of all, you will come across endless fields of wheat and sunflowers stretching to the very horizon along your way.

    Secondly, you will enjoy the picturesque Krasivaya Mecha landscape.

    Thirdly, you will see the legendary and mysterious Horse-Stone.

    How did a boulder weighing 20 tons appear here and who put it on a pedestal of three stones dug into the ground? Scientists believe that the megalith moved during the Ice Age, as the Krasivaya Mecha relief was just beginning to shape. Rain and wind affected the stone and shaped it like a horse head. According to written historical evidence, the Horse-Stone in Tula Region had already been known by this name in 1499. Ambassador Golokhvastov, who boarded a river ship on his way from Moscow to the Crimea, wrote about it.

    If the origin of the stone is natural, then various cracks and depressions in it indicate that the megalith was used by ancient tribes for astrological or religious purposes. Such flat geometric shapes attract fans of conspiracy theories and the paranormal. Just 1.5 kilometers from the Horse-Stone there are Witch Hills, where megaliths are scattered too. Among other things, these places are rich in scenic views: here you can take the best pictures, and if you spend a night in a tent on the Krasivaya Mecha bank, you’ll remember that for a long time.

    The Horse-Stone in Tula Region is marked on the map on our website along with all the paths to it so that visitors can easily find the mysterious stone.

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    Kozye, Yefremovsky District, Tula Region
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Kozye, Yefremovsky District, Tula Region

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