Soldier, Shilova Gora, Fire, Rewakowski, Zaymishche Tracts

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    The monument of nature of regional significance, consisting of 5 plots with a total area of 663 hectares. The profile is complex. It was organized by the decision of the Tula Regional Executive Committee No. 7-261 on May 20, 1977. The tracts are located in the extreme south-east of the region, in its forest-steppe part in the valley of the river Krasivaya Mecha, below the city of Efremov. The slopes of the valley, where the tracts are located, are steep, cut by ravines and gullies; There are outcrops of limestone and dolomite. Soils dark gray forest under forest areas, chernozems leached and podzolized under steppe and recently forested areas on the watershed and gentle slopes; steep slopes of the soil are often absent. Soil-forming rocks are loesslike loams. The native rocks are limestones and dolomites. The dominant type of vegetation of SPNR is broad-leaved forests with a predominance of oak (oak forests); as an admixture there are linden, maple and elm, plain, elm, rough and smooth. The undergrowth is usually developed and represented by hazel, buckthorn, tin, warty and European spindle, European honeysuckle, and on the southern fringes - Tatar, Thorn and cherry bushes, rarely - almonds low. In the grass cover, depending on the density of the underbrush, either shade-tolerant oak forest species dominate - the long-standing proleucher, the European hoof, the filbert sedge, etc., or the relatively light-loving and low-demanding for the moisture of the soil species of forest-steppe oak forests - eagles, pyrethrum shield, Black joker, lily saranka, duck-billed serpent, lily-lily bells, Siberian spruce and others. The most valuable from the point of view of rare plant species are the oak groves - the tract "Shilova Gora" and the forest along the right slope of the ravine overlooking the Krasivaya Mecha river between villages Vyazovo and Dubiki in the tract "Soldatskoe". A number of allotments occupy the planting of coniferous species (spruce and pine) of different ages. In spruce and pine forests, the undergrowth is poorly developed, represented mainly by the spindle-bearing warty and elderberry red; the grass cover is rare. In the spruce groves on damp sites there are spots of ground green mosses. On the edges of the tracts of protected reservations, small areas of birch forests often occur. Usually they are almost devoid of undergrowth or have thin undergrowth, and in their grass cover species of forest-steppe oak and fringe dominate. Steep southern, southeastern and southwestern slopes with limestone outcrops are occupied by steppe communities of rich floristic composition. The most valuable sites are located in the tract "Shilova Gora" opposite the village Shilov and in the tract "Soldatskoye" on a steep slope facing the river between villages Vyazovo and Dubiki and the formed left bank of the beautiful Sword and the right slope of the ravine.
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    Krasivaya Mecha River-Valley, Efremov, Tula Region
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Krasivaya Mecha River-Valley, Efremov, Tula Region

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