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Sightseeing in Odoyevsky District

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Odoyev is one of the most charming towns in Tula Region. A few kilometers before the town, you will see picturesque fields that beckon you to stop and take an excellent photo. Among Odoyev landmarks there are not only beautiful nature and the sweet smell of field herbs, but also museums, buildings, monuments, and crafts; in other words, history.

The town was first mentioned in 1380, but some items were found on the site of modern Odoyev that indicate that households had already existed here in the 9th century. There are many pottery products among the finds. In addition to tableware, the famous Filimonovo toy was made in Odoyev. For centuries, the secrets of its manufacture have been passed from generation to generation. Today, one of the attractions of Odoyev and Tula Region is the Filimonovo Toy Museum.

But this area is famous not only for pottery. Odoyev was one of the fortresses of the Great Zasechnaya Cherta (Great Abatis Border). The stockaded town was situated on the cathedral mountain; today, an observation deck with gazebos is located there. From here, a view of the fields, abatis forests and the river opens for several kilometers around.

One of the remarkable sights of Odoyev is the Virgin Anastasov Monastery. Its construction began in the 16th century. Under Catherine the Great, the monastery was abolished, and its main church fell into desolation in Soviet times. Today the snow-white monastery has found its abbot and brethren. An excellent panoramic view of the surroundings opens from here.

In this section you can find information about the wonderful areas of Odoyev, their addresses and opening hours. Interesting monuments, attractive architecture of merchant and noble houses, and museums invite tourists to spend a pleasant weekend in Tula Region.

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