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Sightseeing in Uzlovsky District

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The town of Uzlovaya got its name in 1877, as the intersection of three railway lines to Yelets, Tula, and Ryazhsk. Such a favorable position of the settlement contributed to its development at the end of the 19th century. Merchants were actively trading thanks to the Syzran-Vyazemskaya railway that appeared in those years.

In 1874, a locomotive depot was built near the intersection of three tracks. Nowadays, one of the attractions of Uzlovaya – the Railway Museum, which tells about the fate of the town – is located at Strelkovaya St., 19/4. Parts of steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and other types of locomotives are of interest to both children and adults. The museum is equipped with interactive platforms that imitate the workspace of drivers from different eras. The exposition contains items from the pre-revolutionary everyday life of local railway workers.

Uzlovaya also has monuments. One of them is installed next to the station: it is the FD20-1535 steam locomotive. The machine with a capacity of 3,100 horsepower worked during the Great Patriotic War, providing the front lines and industry with every necessity around the clock. Almost everyone who has visited Uzlovaya since 1988 has taken a photo with this steel giant.

But the most popular landmark of Uzlovaya, or rather Uzlovsky District, is Konduki. Coal mining in the Ushakov pits stopped only in 1999. Since then, nature has worked its magic over this place in order to create a completely alien landscape within a few years. Tula citizens and residents of neighboring regions come here at any time of the year for an indescribable experience, swimming in colorful lakes and ice skating, surrounded by the local “Norwegian Fjords”.

Welcome to Uzlovsky District. Without it, getting to know the Tula land would not be possible.

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