Sightseeing in Yasnogorsky District

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Estate Kireevsky in the village of Krasino is Ubilejnoe фото
Estate Kireevsky in the village of Krasino is Ubilejnoe
Krasino-Uberezhnoye, Yasnogorsky District, Tula Region
When moving from Moscow Region on the M-4 highway, take a look at Krasino-Uberezhnoye! Here is the ensemble of the Kireyevsky Estate! This is a great example of how mansions are returned to private...
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The estate of the actress of the Moscow Imperial theatre, N. Fedotova фото
The estate of the actress of the Moscow Imperial theatre, N. Fedotova
Fyodorovka, Yasnogorsky District, Tula Rregion
The estate of the famous actress of the Imperial theaters Glikeriya Nikolaevna Fedotova is located in the village of Fedorovskaya, very close to the border of the Moscow region, which passes along ...
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Monasteries and Churches
St. Nicholas Church and chapel фото
St. Nicholas Church and chapel
Hotush, Yasnogorsk District, Tula Region
St. Nicholas Church in the village of Khotush is extremely beautiful! Special attention is paid to the old stone chapel! It is impossible to come to the Yasnogorsky district and not to visit it! S...
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What are the attractions in Yasnogorsk and its suburbs? It is worth starting with nature’s sights. There are a lot of springs in the area, including healing ones. These lands are also rich in plants from the Red List. There are two specially protected natural areas in Yasnogorsky District: the ancient Ivankovsky pine forest and Zakharyinsky forest-steppe complex. Where there are springs, there are rivers. Indeed, about 10 rivers and even more streams, which feed the Oka, originate in Yasnogorsky District.

You can learn about the history of these lands at a Yasnogorsk landmark, the local lore museum at Komsomolskaya St., 2. Here you will hear stories about the tribes inhabiting this area, legends associated with Catherine the Great, the strategic contribution of the town to the defense of Tula from the Panzer Group Guderian during the Great Patriotic War. With regards to the Russian Empress, it should be noted that her monument is erected not far from the railway station. It is a remarkable Yasnogorsk landmark, because Catherine the Great holds an orb in one hand and … bast shoes in the other! The Empress stands in the middle of the snow-white rotunda, which looks great in photos.

In Yasnogorsky District there is the estate of the honored actress Glikeriya Fedotova. She was the star of the Imperial Moscow Theater before the revolution and the Maly Theater during the Soviet era. Now the building houses the village school surrounded by a pond and a park. On the third floor, the children put together an exposition of a small museum dedicated to Fedotova.