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Sightseeing in Zaoksky District

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Zaoksky District is rich in sights. In order to visit most of them over the weekend, you may want to draw up a rational tourist route. This section of the Tula Region tourist portal containing information, addresses, contacts and photos of the most important landmarks of Zaoksky District can help you do this.

You should start exploring at the federal museum-reserve at the estate of the famous Russian artist Vasily Polenov.

If you follow the hiking trail north of the museum, you will reach the Trinity Church in Bekhovo, designed by the artist. This spot offers inspiring views of the river and the forests beyond.

Lovers of adventure and hiking are recommended to visit a natural monument located just south of Polenovo – the Green Zone of the Velegozh Guest House. All around the overgrown paths you may spot the Red List plants. There is a chance you will come across the mysterious caves of the robber Ulai when taking a stroll along the banks of the Oka River towards the rest house.

On the weekend route, the museum of the captain of the legendary Varyag cruiser can be the next attraction of Zaoksky District. The exposition is dedicated to the Russian Imperial Fleet, the events of the Russo-Japanese War and its heroes. Next to the museum is the grave of Vsevolod Rudnev.

The extreme point of the route of acquaintance with Zaoksky District is the estate of the great Russian scientist Andrey Bolotov. Thanks to Andrey Bolotov, the Russians started eating tomatoes and potatoes. He created the general plan of the town of Bogoroditsk and Count Bobrinsky’s palace park. When visiting the Dvoryaninovo estate, museum workers will tell you about Bolotov’s other work, including the secret of longevity that he discovered!

Have a great rest on the Zaokskaya land!

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