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Tula Region, Tula City, Krestovozdvizhenskaya Square, 1
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    Communal kitchen. The building was constructed in 1929-1930 on the site of the Old Trading Row according to the project of the architect Karatygin to place there a communal kitchen. The communal kitchen, made in the constructivism style, was exceptionally well suited for fulfilling its main function - to serve as a canteen: high, well-lit halls; spacious lobby. In the building with a total area of 58,000 square meters there were several dining halls, a restaurant with a banquet hall, a culinary shop, a pie shop, a large confectionery workshop and production premises. It was a new type of public building of its time. Workers, employees and students of located nearby factories, organizations and educational institutions went to the communal kitchen. It was popular with residents of the whole city. In the 1980s, catering facilities in the communal kitchen were closed and the premises were handed over to a number of cooperatives. The building currently houses an open joint stock company
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    Tula Region, Tula City, Krestovozdvizhenskaya Square, 1
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