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Cells of Uspensky nunnery

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Tula, Mendeleevskaya str., 13 / Turgenevskaya street, 2
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    Cells of Dormition (Uspenskiy) Women's Monastery. In the 17th-20th centuries the complex of buildings of the Uspensky women's monastery was located here. The monastery was founded between 1645 and 1649 by Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich. In the 19th century, a stone fence was erected around the monastery, the remnants of which were destroyed in the second half of the twentieth century. In the fence there was a gate built in 1795 on the funds of breeder Ivan Rodionovich Batashev. They disappeared in the 1930s, after the monastery was closed. At the beginning of the 20th century, on the territory of the monastery there were the Preobrazhenskiy and Uspenskiy churches, refectory, almshouse, building of the parish school, hospital and pharmacy for the elderly people and clergymen, churches, as well as a 2-storeyed stone cell building. Sisters of the mansion lived in their cells; and when the church school was opened, its pupils having finished the school remained in the monastery as novices. At present, only the cells building of the women's Uspenskiy monastery has survived of all the numerous buildings.
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    Tula, Mendeleevskaya str., 13 / Turgenevskaya street, 2
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