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Tula, Sovetskaya street, 68 / Turgenevskaya street, 8
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  • Description
    Local History Museum. The building was built in 1799, belonged to the merchant of the 3rd guild, Ivan Grigorievich Beloborodov, and then to his widow Avdotya Alexeevna. It was one of the largest houses in Tula. The house had a mezzanine and the main two-story part. The windows on the facade of the building have baroque decorations. In the XIX century, the house belonged to the prince of Cherkassy, then there was a folk school named after Vasily Andreevich Zhukovsky. Later, the building housed the Tula Mestchanin Administration, which dealt with the affairs of the middle class of the population. In the 1920s, the Red Army House was located here, since that time a new molding in the form of a star, sickle and hammer appeared on the pediment of the building. Since 1932 the building housed the Tula Museum of Local Lore, since 1937 & ndash; Tula Regional Museum of Local History.
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    Tula, Sovetskaya street, 68 / Turgenevskaya street, 8
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