Historical Monuments

V. Lomov House

Tula, Sovetskaya/Lenin Prospect, 60/12
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  • Description
    Building of the first third of XIX century. In 1840, Vasiliy Lomov became the owner of the house and the house was reconstructed with fronts taking a different shape. Vasiliy and Ivan Lomov – well-known Tula merchants, one of the first samovar producers from Tula. In 1812, the samovar factory of Vasiliy Lomov was opened. In 1820's, the Lomovs' factory produced from 2 to 10 thousand samovars annually. In 1836, at the Moscow manufactury exhibition samovars of the first guild merchant Vasiliy Lomov were awarded with silver reward and shortly after he received an award from the Persian shah - the medal of Lion and the Sun. In the early XX century, this house was a well-known fish shop of Vladimir Fyodorovich Kiselev and the shop of Fyodor Ivanovich Knyazev who was selling grocery and hardware goods. Since 1950's, this house became Children's World department store.
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    Tula, Sovetskaya/Lenin Prospect, 60/12
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