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First Tula women's gymnasium

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Tula, Sovetskaya Street, 15
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    The first Tula female gymnasium.The first female gymnasium was situated in this building since 1870, converted from the 1st grade School. The gymnasium was opened on the initiative of the director of the Tula Men's gymnasium Fedor Gajarin in a building built on the land owned by the murchant Livenceva. On the ground floor there was the central depot of the finished gown». In 1902 the third floor was constructed. The classrooms, events hall, gymnasium and boarding rooms were on the upper floors. In 1930 the building from the gymnasium to the bazaar was linked by the arch with the internal transition. During the years of the Great Patriotic War, a hospital was settled in the building, and now the military unit is here.
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    Tula, Sovetskaya Street, 15
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