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Pokrovskiye Polyany Farm

ATTENTION! Due to the current epidemiological situation changes in the work schedule are possible! Please make sure to check the operating hours of the objects by contacting them in advance!
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    We welcome citizens tired from dullness and melancholy, we drive out despondency and endless fatigue.

    Here everyone may chase geese, touch the horns of a goat, feed pigs, play with kids,
    give a cow your hand to lick, walk along a forest river with ducks, take a
    photo with ostriches, try Tula cheese, which has won a gold prize in France, eat
    homemade sausage, heartily taste the six kinds of our nastoyka and take home a
    full trunk of yummy goodies.
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    1300 km from Novosyolki, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
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1300 km from Novosyolki, Zaoksky District, Tula Region

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