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Krainka Health Resort

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Krainka, Suvorovsky District, Tula Region
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  • Description

    There is a unique Krainka Resort located in the Suvorovsky District, which has a 170-year history and impeccable reputation. For adults who prefer to relax in Tula Oblast, the resort has a library and a cinema, a disco club, a sauna, a laundry, shops, and a post office. The Krainka Resort of Tula Oblast also has a sports complex with a swimming pool, gyms with fitness equipment, a sauna with a swimming pool, billiards, and a phyto bar. However, the main value of the balneological and climatic resort lies in the fact that the resort itself is located in an ecologically developed area, near the ancient lime-tree park, forests, and lakes. The Krainka resort is ready to provide four types of unique mineral waters included in the book "Mineral Waters of the World" to its guests. Staying in Tula Oblast or in Tula, finding oneself in the Krainka Resort, it is possible to undergo medical rehabilitation of diseases of the digestive system, peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and connective tissue, as well as of other ailments.

  • Contacts
    Krainka, Suvorovsky District, Tula Region
    +7 (48763) 5-55-33, +7 (4872) 76-13-19, +7 (48763) 5-55-55
    Reception 08:00-17:00. Check-in at any time is available.
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