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Velegozh Resort

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    The Velegozh health resort and children's camp, to which it belongs, is 100 meters far from the Oka River and surrounded by pine trees. The health resort specializes in:

    • endocrine system;
    • nervous system;
    • musculoskeletal system;
    • cardiovascular system;
    • respiratory and visual organs.

    You can use a medical travel voucher to visit the Health Resort Velegozh, depending on the disease, or for the purpose of health-improving prophylaxis. The course of treatment, nutrition and exercise regimen is monitored by doctors and medical personnel. Based on the results of their work, our guests leave warm, positive reviews, thanks to which people choose the Health Resort Velegozh.

    The history of the Health Resort Velegozh

    The history of this place begins with the times of the Slavic tribe Vyatichi, which lived in the vastness from the source of the Don River to the area bounded by the Oka River. According to archaeologists, the name Velegozh comes from the Greek word meaning "pagan temple". Until 1906, there was a village in which a wooden building was then built, where patients from Moscow were treated.

    Health Resort Velegozh as such was founded in the 1920s to treat patients with tuberculosis. The opening of a health resort in this very place was a logical decision, since even now it is the epicenter of the healthiest ionized air in central Russia. From 1937 to 2001, Velegozh was a resort, and only in the early 21st century it became a health resort with an impressive list of medical treatment options and qualified medical staff.

    Children's camp and Health Resort Velegozh conducts:

    • halotherapy;
    • hydrobalneotherapy;
    • araomahydrotherapy;
    • hardware therapy with the influence of an electromagnetic field, light, current and heat;
    • psychotherapeutic sessions;
    • classes in medical gymnastics, aerobics, etc.

    Health Resort facilities

    The Health Resort Velegozh includes two brick facilities with rooms of different comfort level: standard, suite and children's. The windows of the guests overlook either the side of a dense coniferous forest, or the side of the picturesque Oka River, which runs from Belev and Aleksin to Nizhny Novgorod to the Volga. These scenic views are well worth taking stunning photos.

    Meals are mainly four times a day, depending on the doctor's advice. For guests with diabetes mellitus, a balanced meal is provided 5 times a day. During periods of fasting, it is possible to order a lean menu.

    Velegozh is located 26 kilometers from Aleksin and 6 kilometers from Tarusa. This means that guests can visit the Marina Tsvetaeva museum, the spring of Efrosinya Kolyupanovskaya, Polenovo or the museum dedicated to the Varyag cruiser captain Vsevolod Rudnev, sail along the Oka River and take wonderful photos along their journey.

    To take a course of treatment at the Health Resort Velegozh of the Tula Region, you need your ID, insurance certificate, and a health resort patient card issued by your local hospital. To find out more about the prices and living conditions and arrange your check-in, please call 8-800- 555-15-16. You can find us at Velegozh village, Zaoksky district. Come and enjoy our treatment!

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    Velegozh Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
    +7 800 555 15 16; 8 (48734) 4-11-30; +7 906 620 33 55
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Velegozh Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
+7 800 555 15 16; 8 (48734) 4-11-30; +7 906 620 33 55

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