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Velegozh Boarding House

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    It's hard to say how many shifts the Velegozh Boarding House has seen in its lifetime, but thousands of people across Russia keep pleasant childhood memories from visiting this fabulous place. Meeting children from other cities, exciting parties, night walks, swimming in the Oka River and a huge farewell bonfire: this gives impressions that will stay with you forever!

    Some people want to know how the Velegozh Boarding House differs from the health resort with the same name. The difference is easy to see. The health resort includes two brick facilities in the upper part of the premises, and everything else belongs to the boarding house. It is Nizhniy Velegozh that is the embodiment of childhood dreams and freedom, where children can play, take memorable photos, and develop social connections, and undergo treartment at the same time.

    Among the entertainment options and activities that are available at the Velegozh Boarding House, we can single out:

    • hiking in the surrounding ancient forests, visiting the "spring of desires" and the mysterious caves of Ulai;
    • watching movies in the club;
    • daily parties at the venue in front of the club;
    • sports contests and competitions;
    • performances by art groups, concerts of popular performers;
    • literary and musical evenings;
    • excursions to Polenovo, Tarusa, the Bolotov Museum, etc.

    There are several brick and wooden buildings on the premises, which will be your cozy home for the entire stay at the Velegozh Boarding House in Tula Region. There is a large dining room opposite the club, which provides guests with five high-quality meals a day.

    To find us, type the address in your navigator app: Zaoksky district, Velegozh village. To find out more about the prices and living conditions, please call 8 (48734) 4-11-30.

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    Velegozh Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
    8(48734) 4-11-45 8-953-439-28-10
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Velegozh Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
8(48734) 4-11-45 8-953-439-28-10

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