War Memorial

The First Eternal Fire in the USSR

Tula Region, Schekinsky district, Pervomaisky settlement.
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  • Description
    The USSR's first Eternal flame was lit in the Pervomaisky village in Shchekinsky district of Tula region on 9 may 1957 in memory of killed in the Great Patriotic war. To 2013 for more than 10 years it was lit only a few times a year, in particular, on the Victory Day, the day of the Great Patriotic war, the defender of the Fatherland Day, the day of liberation of Shchekino from the Nazi occupation (17 Dec).On 6 may 2013 the ceremony of restoration of continuous burning of the Eternal flame happened in the village Pervomaisky. Sometimes as the place of the lighting of the first Soviet Eternal flame it is also mentioned Leningrad (the Field of Mars,on 6 November 1957) and Sevastopol (the Malakoff Kurgan, on 23 February 1958).
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    Tula Region, Schekinsky district, Pervomaisky settlement.
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