War Memorial

Monument to Tula-armourers and participants of the First World War

Tula, Putiyskaya street (the area of the Moscow railway station)
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    On the 3rd of December in 2014 on the Day of the Unknown Soldier in Tula at the Moscow railway station the monument to the armourers of Tula and the participants of World War I was unveiled. World War I had lasted for more than 4 years (from the 1st of August, 1914 to the 11th of November, 1918). 38 states took part in it, over 74 million of people fought in its fields, 10 million of which were killed and 20 million were maimed. World War I had no parallel in all the history in terms of its scale to the human losses. The war led to the collapse of the most powerful European states. 4 empires desintegrated. Dozens of thousands of our compatriots, Russian soldiers and officers went to war from the platform of the Moscow railway station in Tula. The figure on the right hand is a soldier in the military uniform of the early 20th century, that Nikolay II accepted. This figure is a soldier of the 11th Pskov Infantry Regiment, Dmitry Prokofievich Oskin. He had been in the lines since the beginning of the war. He was wounded, he became a holder of the St. George Cross for his courage and bravery in battle and then he was awarded the rank of the warrant officer. The peasant guy was able to make a brilliant career in the army, rising to the rank of a staff captain. He held a three-line rifle made in 1891. The sculpture of the worker from Tula in the apron of a craftsman with a calipers in his hands is an image of a gunsmith. The production of weapons is the technical process with the use of the complex equipment and the precision instruments. . There is Maxim's machine gun at the gunsmith's feet. Tula was the only city in Russia where these machine guns were produced. Despite a number of shortcomings, Maxim was the best among the machine guns of World War I.
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    Tula, Putiyskaya street (the area of the Moscow railway station)
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