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Staryye Traditsii Pastille Museum

ВНИМАНИЕ! В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической ситуацией возможны изменения в режиме работы! Просьба заблаговременно уточнять по указанным контактным телефонам о возможности посещения объектов показа!
Tula Region, Beloyv, Privokzalnaya str., 21B
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  • Description

    “Staryye Traditsii” (“Old Traditions”) introduces its guests to traditional Belyov brands: apple pastille, bobbin lace, ritual doll and wood carving.

    Guests will see all the stages of apple delicacies production and a real lace-maker will
    tell about bobbin lace. A woodcarver in the process of a master class will help
    everyone to cut a wooden toy as a keepsake. Here guests may taste the products of
    the “Staryye Traditsii” Factory: pastille, marshmallow and candied fruit jelly.
  • Contacts
    Tula Region, Beloyv, Privokzalnaya str., 21B
    +7 (909) 264-76-32
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