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Staryye Traditsii Pastille Museum

ATTENTION! Due to the current epidemiological situation changes in the work schedule are possible! Please make sure to check the operating hours of the objects by contacting them in advance!
Tula Region, Beloyv, Privokzalnaya str., 21B
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  • Description

    “Staryye Traditsii” (“Old Traditions”) introduces its guests to traditional Belyov brands: apple pastille, bobbin lace, ritual doll and wood carving.

    Guests will see all the stages of apple delicacies production and a real lace-maker will
    tell about bobbin lace. A woodcarver in the process of a master class will help
    everyone to cut a wooden toy as a keepsake. Here guests may taste the products of
    the “Staryye Traditsii” Factory: pastille, marshmallow and candied fruit jelly.
  • Contacts
    Tula Region, Beloyv, Privokzalnaya str., 21B
    +7 (909) 264-76-32, +7 (962) 271-80-89
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