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Just WOOD Park Hotel

37 Zelenaya Street, Osetrovskoye Forest District, Tula Region
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  • Description

    Hollywood movies sometimes feature their characters coming to the US national parks for a vacation. Cozy houses that fit seamlessly in breathtakingly beautiful landscapes never fail to attract the viewers. One immediately wants to move to Yellowstone or Sequoia to experience that same connection with nature, take a lot of Insta-worthy photos, and spend the weekend in a comfortable environment.

    You don’t necessarily need to apply for a US visa because Osetrovskoye Forest District has Just WOOD Hotel located a mere 110 km away from Moscow. A river, a pine tree forest, and panoramic windows facing all that beauty — that’s what makes an unforgettable stay at that hotel.


    Refined sense of style next to rough wooden walls of small houses creates a feeling of coziness and warm, homely atmosphere. From the very first steps, guests feel as though they will rest not only physically, but also mentally. This effect is achieved by light hues and elegant decor pieces.

    Just WOOD Hotel offers its guests accommodation in a log house or a cottage. The two options differ mostly by area. However, every house here is unlike any other and has its own name: Doob (Oak), Buzina (Elder), Klyon (Maple) etc. Some have a separate sauna, some an enormous kitchen with a dining area. Just WOOD Park Hotel tried to guess every customer’s wish. As feedback shows, people are quite happy and love to visit again.


    There is an international prize called Restaurant Business Palm Branch. In 2021, sheLESt restaurant was the Restaurant Business Palm Branch winner, situated right on the Just WOOD premises. The restaurant menu is comprised of Russian and European dishes with the original signature presentation by Chef Anton Krupenin. Mostly natural dish ingredients come from local farmers, and fish and meat are cooked in wood-burning stoves. A breakfast buffet is included in the price of accommodation. 


    Just WOOD Park Hotel is one of the most popular places in Tula and Tula Region chosen for celebrations and corporate events. All that is because, under the Chef’s direction, the cuisine turns out perfect, and indoor and outdoor event venues are decorated to a high standard.

    Just recently, a new space called Just CULT has opened on the park premises. Guests can visit a library there and watch movies on the big screen.

    The heart of the park is occupied by the pond of the Osetr River, where our guests like to go boating, swimming, or fishing, and have fish cooked in our BBQ zone.

    Just WOOD Park Hotel is situated a mere 30 kilometers away from Tula at 37 Zelenaya Street, Osetrovskoye Forest District. To book a room, find out prices, or arrange a dinner at the restaurant, please call 8-960-607-77-11.

  • Contacts
    37 Zelenaya Street, Osetrovskoye Forest District, Tula Region
    +7 (499) 288-01-99, +7 (906) 530-55-66, What’s App: +7905-627-36-63
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