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Oka River, Tula Region
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    Camping is an active tourist's dream. This is quite a fascinating and inexpensive form of recreation. Any traveler knows and at least once in his life experienced the rest in such a place, which is specially equipped for a summer camp for car tourists with places designed for setting-up tents and parking spaces. Imagine how nice it would be to forget about work-days and go to a camp on the bank of the Oka River for the summer-long vacation.

    Have you ever spent the night in a tent, lived in a tent camp, woke up at dawn listening to the chirping of birds and feeling the morning chill? So, go on a trip with the whole family, take your friends and stay with us, on an equipped site where you can park several cars, set up a camp with multiple tents, folding chairs, tables, and enjoy one of the most beautiful places of Tula Region, in the lap of nature, on the banks of the Oka River. You will have the opportunity to meet other lovers of outdoor recreation, to feel like a part of nature, to plunge into the atmosphere of evening gatherings around the fire, songs with a guitar or interesting stories under the starry sky, to spend the night in the open air, and to go fishing in the morning, to sunbathe on the beach, or to play badminton. After a small snack and rest in nature, you can go explore the sights of the Tula region.

    those who love to travel and do not sit still for a day, camping will be a real
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    Oka River, Tula Region
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