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Liventsev Park

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    Liventsevsky Park is located in the southern part of the city of Tula. Until recently, it was called "Platonovsky". In 2016, the park underwent a number of landscape transformations; and it was decided to rename the park to Liventsevsky after its first owners. By the City Day, the park has opened its doors for the Tula inhabitants having a brand-new form. The culture and recreation sector is located on the western side of the forest. Opposite to the former restaurant "Kupets Platonov" there is a central entrance group followed by a fountain in classical style. The fountain runs stairways to the embankment of the west shore of the pond. Between the waterfront and the fountain there is a playground. The forest massif of the park is popular with fans of mountain bikes, runners, orienteers. This is where the competition are arranged.
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