Tula State Academic Drama Theater named after M. Gorky

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34A Lenin Ave., Tula
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  • Description
    History of the theatre begins in 1777 when the play «It must be so» by the famous Russian playwright V. Verevkin was shown on the occasion of making Tula the province center. The playbill of that period included tragedies, comedies, operas, among them plays of A.P. Sumarokov, Y.B. Knyazhnin, Bomarshe, Moler. The outstanding repertoire and skills of the actors made the theatre an acknowledged cultural center of Tula province. During the Second World War the theatre didn’t stop working (except the period of the siege of Tula). Almost every day two plays were presented, concerts were given in military units and at the front. The theatre got its own building only in 1921 (now, The Tula Regional Philharmonic Hall) and it became a favourite place for citizens of Tula. Here legendary performances that deserved to go down in the theatre history were originated: ‘Anna Karenina’ by Leo Tolstoy (1937, 1948), ‘A Month in the Country’ I.S. Turgenev (1944), ‘Vassa Geleznova’ by M. Gorky (1945), ‘The Living Corpse’ by Leo Tolstoy (1950, 1960), ‘The Fruits of Enlightenment’ by Leo Tolstoy (1958), ‘Justina ‘ by H. Wuolijoki (1959), ‘Mary Stuart’ by F. Shiller, ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ by W. Shakespeare (1964), ‘Virgin Soil’ by M. Sholokhov (1969), ‘Mother's field’ by C. Aitmatov (1969). A new building of the theatre where it is still located was constructed in 1970. The architects are A. Krasilnikov, A. Popov, V. Shulrihter. A sculptural composition ‘Muses’ situated on the facade was made of metal by A. Vasnetsov, together with I. Vasnetsova and D. Shahovskij. In 1995 the theatre was entitled “Academic”. In 2000 it became the winner of the theatre contest ‘Window into Russia’. On September 9, 2008 a square with plenty of fountains was opened in front of the main entrance of the theatre after major repairs.
  • Contacts
    34A Lenin Ave., Tula
    Телефон для справок и заказа билетов 8 (4872) 31-11-69
    Every day 10:00-19:00
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