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23 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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  • Description

    "ProCofiy" café has been working since 2002 and is positioned as a family-type cafe with a low price level. Visitors are offered a wide range of dishes exclusively from café production.

    Hot shop products: first, second courses, salads. Pastry shop products: all kinds of pastries, confectionery, cakes, desserts. In addition, our guests are for nothing saying that "ProCofiy" prepares the best coffee in the city. And in general, tea and coffee products from "ProCofiy" are the pride of the café.

    And in addition to the above a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and, importantly, walking distance to all the important tourism facilities in the city center.

    P.S. Extract from the price list of the cafe "ProCofiy":

    • espresso coffee - 50 rub.

    • green tea - 40 rub.

    • chicken noodles - 59 rub.

    • dumplings in a pot - 140 rub.

    • khinkali - 39 rubles / pcs.

    • spaghetti with zucchini sauce (350g) - 130 rub.

    • homemade cutlet with mashed potatoes (300 g) – 160 rub.

    • Ossetian pie with potatoes and cheese - 30 rub. / piece.

    • vegetable strudel - 62 rub. / piece.

    • dessert "Parisian" - 73 rub.

  • Contacts
    23 Sovetskaya St., Tula
    8 (4872) 30-36-22
    Every day 10:00-22:00
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