Mark i Lev Restaurant

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    It is the first locavore restaurant of the country. Here they cook from entirely local, Tula farm products. All the suppliers of the restaurant live within a radius of 150 km from the restaurant. These are small and medium-sized farms that care for the environment and use technologies of organic farming. The menu "Mark and Lev" is constantly updated; as soon as berries, vegetables or mushrooms ripen or depart. To find new tastes, the "Mark and Lev" cooks are aided by Russian culinary traditions and Tula gastronomy specialties. In the "Mark and Lev" believe that food is not just food but transport for ideas and a tool for changing reality. The motto of the restaurant is "all the most delicious in the Tula region". "Mark i Lev" closely follows the world gastronomic and restaurant trends creating a new language of Russian regional cuisine. This is the language, rooted in Russian traditions and at the same time understandable and interesting to international gourmets. "Mark i Lev" is not just a gastronomic project. Working with farmers, local museums, creating new jobs and attracting tourist interest to Tula Oblast, restaurateurs participate in the revival of the Russian village: - They organize rural tours for small farms in Tula Oblast (the "Village force" project). - They carry out gastronomic festivals on the recipes of famous natives and residents of the Tula province: V. D. Polenov, L. N. Tolstoy, A. T. Bolotov, V. A. Levshin. - The forgotten varieties of vegetables and plants, such as black carrot and cabbage kale (together with the farm cooperative "LavkaLavka" and museum-estate of A. T. Bolotov). - Together with the publisher of gastronomic literature "ChernoviK" they reissued the first culinary book dedicated exclusively to Russian cuisine – "Russian Povrynya" by V. A. Levshin.
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    3 Sosnovy Bulvar St., Mitino Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
    +7 (963) 224-36-63
    Wed-Sun 12:00–23:00
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3 Sosnovy Bulvar St., Mitino Village, Zaoksky District, Tula Region
+7 (963) 224-36-63
Wed-Sun 12:00–23:00

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