SREDA Restaurant

ВНИМАНИЕ! В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической ситуацией возможны изменения в режиме работы! Просьба заблаговременно уточнять по указанным контактным телефонам о возможности посещения объектов показа!
31 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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  • Description

    A brand-new restaurant in the historical center of Tula, where the gastronomic trends of world cooking traditions, author's presentation, high service, and coziness are combined.

    Our mission is to create a unique atmosphere where everyone will feel at home, in the native environment.

    The signature feature of the menu is a variety of traditional dishes of the European cuisine, cooked in a modern way by the talented chef Ruslan Tantsura.

    Thanks to his author's approach, classic dishes acquire a unique presentation and a special incomparable taste, and the new technologically advanced kitchen of the restaurant, in which the center is occupied by the josper, helps to reveal all his talents. Steaks, fish, and grilled vegetables are cooked juicy and flavorful.

    From the extensive wine list of our restaurant, you may choose the ideal wine for the occasion, for each dish. The bar menu will also please you with an impressive variety of classic cocktails and the author's ones of the bar chef Andrei Batosov.

    Time to beguile the evening on the soft, comfortable bar stools. A cozy interior of the warm-colored hall will create a pleasant atmosphere for this, and everyone will feel in the native environment.

    The environment is what surrounds you!

    What you want to see around!

  • Contacts
    31 Sovetskaya St., Tula
    +7(4872) 384-008
    Mon-Thu: 11.00-23.00; Fri 11.00-04.00; Sat 15.00-04.00; Sun 15.00-23.00
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