The ancestral estate of A. S. Khomyakov "Bogucharovo"

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Tula region,
Leninsky district,
Oktyabrsky settlement, 1
+7 (4872) 72-67-41
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Description and history

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Bogucharovo is a picturesque historical place near Tula. It is very quiet and beautiful in all seasons. In summer you can go fishing and swimming in Bogucharovo ponds, and in winter these ponds turn into a cool ice rink.

The estate of Bogucharovo is famous for its owner Aleksey Khomyakov, who was a Slavophile philosopher. These times left us a manor house, in one part of which there is a little museum now; a beautiful park with ponds and a classicism-style church.

But the most significant architectural sight of Bogucharovo is a bell tower that is a kind of "an architectural quotation" of one not national but famous European monument – the mountainous campanile of San Marco in Venice. Sultanov, its architect, wrote to his friend Sheremetev: "We together with Zhukovsky built a bell tower for Khomyakov in his Bogucharovo. It is absolutely similar to the S. Marco tower…"

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