The itinerary is dedicated to Dmitry Donskoy

Duration: 2 days
Age: For everyone
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    This tout includes visiting to the following objects: BM-13 “Katyusha” – Komsomolskya street (The history of creation of a combat vehicle, its participation in disengagement of the city from Nazi invaders, ascent from the bottom of the Shato reservoir, subsequent restoration and erection of the machine on the pedestal near the historical-art museum.). The monument to V.F. Rudnev- he is the legendary commander of cruiser “Varyag”. ( he terrible days of 1904, battle history, history of erection of this monument from grateful descendants in Novomoskovsk). The tablet to A. Volodin – townsman, commander, died in the submarine “Komsomolets”. The memory of him in form of documents, personal things and photos are kept in historical-art museum. The tablet is on the house where he was living. This is the place of flowers on the day of his memory and on the day of the Navy. The monument in the city cemetery ( soldiers’ burial ground, who died during The Second World War). Moskovskaya st. The monument to D. Donskoi – the great Moscow prince. ( The monument was built in honor of the victory of Russian troop over the Golden Horde in Kulikovo Battle. The monument to a soldier, receding in obscureness. The place of former station, Moskovskaya street, from where Stalinists went to the front. Monument of Eternal Glory to soldiers who died during the Great Patriotic War. The eternal flame on the granitic pedestal of the monument was alight on the opening day from a torch, which was delivered from the Brotherly Grave(mass grave) in the Urvan Forest. -The Memorial complex in the Memory Park in the Urvan Forest. (Monument to the “Sorrowful Mother”, alley heroes with the names of the fallen in the Second World War, a complex of anti-tank guns, the IS-2 tank.)
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