"Heroic pages of the Tula land"

Duration: 2 days /1 night
Age: For everyone
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    Throughout history, Tula has always been a guard city, reliable defender of Moscow, the heart of Russia.  
    The route begins in the very heart of Tula – in the Tula Kremlin. It is an impregnable fortress built in the 16th century. Enemies never set foot in there. Today Tula Kremlin is one of 18 Russian Kremlins and the only one which is fully restored and arranged well with an accomplished complex of facilities. Tourists can visit different museums of Tula Kremlin, which are of unique expositions, and they can explore its towers and tactical passages.

    German troops did not enter Tula, but they commit atrocities within the region. We have our own Khatyn – a village, where people were burnt alive with their houses, and we have children-heroes (martyrs, hanged barefoot in a hundred-degree cold), and many other historical facts proved with archival documents. You can learn more about it by visiting the exhibition in the Tula Museum of Local Lore opened about a year ago. According to experts, this is the only museum of local lore with a modern and saturated exhibition. We only know about it because of the expressions of approval by region visitors, including foreigners.

    We managed to make this exhibition even more impressive by literary and musical program based on frontline letters of the youth from Tula region involved in the infernal machine of war.

    It is commonly known, that soldiers could not get along without harmonica, but not everyone knows that harmonica was invented in Tula and now it is one of our brands. There is still a famous harmonica factory «Tuljskaya Garmonj» and a unique museum dedicated to this musical instrument.

    Another significant brand of Tula region are The Kukryniksy with their world-famous posters right up to the sketches of the Nurenberg process by our countryman Porfiri Krylov

    The next part of our journey will be the quest “The defense of Tula in the years of Great Patriotic War”. It is a game with an active immersion in the atmosphere of the year 1941. The quest includes almost everything: the power of wartime chronicles, touching songs about war and corresponding sound effects. Tourists will have to try on the role of militia fighters, liaison officers or radiomen, learn how to communicate in Morse code, how to encrypt and read messages. They also will have a chance to taste soldier's tea and bread and try not to blow themselves up in a minefield. In the end they will get treatment in a hospital and write a letter home.

    It is important that the place chosen for this game is on the same territory where the first line of defence of Tula was situated.

    We are sure that you will be impressed for the rest of your life after a visit to the new Museum of Arms with an exhibition space more than 5000 sq.m. and the large-sized open-air machinery exposition including modern models.

    23rd February, on the Defender of the Fatherland Day, a new exposition “The history of small arms and cold weapon from the XIV century to the present times”. The idea of renewing the largest museum of arms was proposed by Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation. The work on the creation of the museum began in 2000. Nowadays Tula State Arms Museum is the largest in the world. The exhibition presents more than 40 thousand weapons.

    The newest multimedia systems like videowalls, interactive game and cognitive zones “The Storyteller”, “Life outside the window” and “Encyclopedia of arms”, holographic displays and electronic labels are widely used here. In the peripheral part of the halls, there are installations, which combination with projection screens provide the effect of presence in a weapons factory workshop of XIXth century or in a foxhole of the time of the World War I.

    Four projection mini-cinemas demonstrating documentary films-chronicles of the World War I, Civil War, The Great Patriotic War and the Defense of Tula help visitors to immerse themselves in a wartime atmosphere.

    Exposition also includes interactive zones for children, where they can get to know about history of weapon, to hold different mock-ups of small arms, to learn the technical characteristics of it with the help of special programs in the computer class. Children will get some photos in “digital” warriors’ suits from various historical eras in the multimedia complex “Imagine yourself” and then send photos on their personal e-mail.

    The newly established exposition is considered as powerful instrument for patriotic education, formation of historical memory and the pride of armory Tula and great country of Russia.

    The excursion program ends with a night sightseeing tour around the hero-city Tula with visiting of war memorials, including those situated on the wartime lines of fire.

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