The Charm of Tula Region: The Past and the Present

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Age: For everyone
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    Wide and immense mother Russia. The more Russian people travel around their native country, the clearer it becomes, that every living being on the earth, especially a human being have an invisible connection, which is called “roots” and it is manifested in boundless love to their motherland, its history and cultural traditions. Those who have not been to Tula, have not seen Russia. We invite you to get acquainted with the charm of the ancient Tula region. You will learn about the history of the region, familiarize with its legends and traditions. You will try to sculpt and damask Tula and Filimonovo toys by hand. Nobody is left untouched by fascinating workshop, for cooking Tula gingerbread. In N.I, Beloborodov museum with soulful sounds of accordion, you will hear old Tula melodies. As part of the evening folkloric interactive program, you will see entertaining performances with dances, and Tula kissing ceremonies, reels, Colorful props, folk instruments and games. The second day of the route “The charm of the Tula region: Past and Present” will let you to immerse in quiet homelike life of Tula old provincial cities, such as Odoev, Belyaev. You will visit Filimon grandfather and find out why Filimonovo toy is called a small rainbow. Also, in Belev you will be told about the apple dish, which were given to King’s table – Belev pastille.
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