Adventures of Tulyashka and his friends

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Age: For school children
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    The separate part in tourism takes the Children's Tourism. The task is to lure the child, make a holiday for him, plunge with children in a fairy tale.
    A distinctive feature of this route is the guide. He is involved the most in communicating with children. During the movement between objects, the guide also has a role of animator, he plays with children, sings songs.
    The first stop on our way will be the International Gingerbread museum. Here, children will become participants of a workshop, that will give them an unusual experience, as well as a tasty delicacy created by hand!
    Then children will visit the museum of entertaining sciences "Experimentoria". Together with Tulyashka they will be able to hold a lightning in their hands, raise each other to the ceiling with one hand, change the trajectory of the movement of electrons and even launch a hydroelectric power station!
    In the children's exhibition hall "The Legend of the Mamai Battle", small tourists will be able to listen to the sounds of medieval life, weave a real chain mail, will try to equip the Horde and Russian soldiers. Under the guidance of the guide they will play a great battle - the Kulikovo battle!
    The old Tula pharmacy is an entertaining and unusual place. In addition to interesting interactive classes and workshops that take place there, children will have an opportunity to see with their own eyes the famous shod flea that was mentioned in Leskov's story. The next stop of the route will be the Beloborodov Museum. With a cup of tea and to the strains of harmony children will listen to a fascinating story about the history of creating harmonies, as well as mischievous Tula ditties!
    Together with Tulyashka the group will walk the walls of the Tula Kremlin, the most ancient city, which is the heart of Tula region. The ancient towers are impregnated with the history of after-pains, which made the formation of the Russian state, and Tula people played an important role!

    The second day: "The courtyard of gaiety and work" in the Association of centers for art, folk culture and tourism development of the Tula region, where everyone can experience himself as a sculptor and artist. On fascinating workshops, children will learn how to make Filimonov toys, and also they will paint their own creations!
    Little tourists will be given a unique opportunity to visit the largest turtle in Russia, which lives in Tula exotarrium together with other faunal forms.
    The children will continue their journey in the train of the Novomoskovsk children's railway, the distinctive feature of which is that both workers and passengers on it are children!
    Also, It is possible to plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the one before last century! Bogoroditsk Palace Museum and the park will please little visitors with a lot of events!
    Polka and polonaise, mazurkas and waltzes, counterdances and quadrilles –all these things children will learn to dance in just one hour at a theatrical ball at the Bogoroditsk Palace and at the park! The heroine of the ball is an unspell princess - wi present not only a dance lesson, but also a lesson of manners and gallant treatment, all this is waiting for the group in the framework of the "Dance Lessons" program!
    Another program - "Guests came to the estate." In each "hall" of the palace an atmosphere of reception is recreated, where the actors not only communicate with each other, but also comment on their actions, helping the viewers understand the purpose of this or that room. During the excursion, children are involved in games, dances, and conversations. They become witnesses of small theatrical sketches and participants of the impromptu performance.
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