A trip to the Tula region

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Age: For school children,For Students
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  • Description
    The excursion route "Journey to the Tula region" includes:

    - Excursion to the Tula Museum of Local Lore;
    - Excursion to the Tula State Arms Museum (* optional master class / theatrical performance by a military-historical theater "Indestructible");
    - Interactive program "One day in the Russian izba (hut)" in the museum and exhibition center "Tula antiquities";
    - Interactive program in the museum of entertaining sciences "Experimentoria";
    - City tour of Tula.

    The second day of the program includes:
    - Excursion to the museum "Yasnaya Polyana", the estate of Leo Tolstoy, an interactive program in the coachman's izba (hut);
    - Excursion to the museum railway station complex "Kozlova zaseka" and the Kochakovo necropolis - the family cemetery of the Tolstoy family. Visit to St. Nicholas Church, a monument of ancient Russian architecture.

    The third day of the program combines:
    - Interactive excursion program in Epifan - museum of the history of Russian merchants - with tea party;
    - Excursion to the state military-historical and natural museum-reserve "Kulikovo field".

    The fourth day includes:
    - Visit to the Bogoroditsky Palace Museum and park (interactive optional program);
    - A visit to the Zhdanka station;
    - Visiting the museum "Tula samovars" and "Tula cakes".

    The final day includes:
    - An interactive program in the museum "Filimonovo toy" (master classes on modeling and painting of Filimonovo toys);
    - A visit to the Belevsky museum of local lore, tasting of Belev pastila (a traditional Russian fruit confectionery);
    - a master class on making the Belev lace.
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