"Through the ringing combat metal" (1 day)

Duration: 5 h.
Age: For everyone
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  • Description
    This route suggests going on an excursion to the museum Tula Kremlin, the Tula State local lore museum, the museum of military history of Tula region, the museum of Tula defense in the Great Patriotic War, The historical and memorial museum «Necropolis of the Demidovs».

    According to your choice:
    - Performance of the military historical theatre of the Tula State museum of arms, named «Indestructible»;
    - the visit to the school of Tula craftsmen who specialize in art metal working;
    - the visit to a shooting gallery equipped with popular models of airguns and interactive mechanic targets;
    - Walking along the Walk of Fame of Tul’skiy armorers ;
    - the visit to the private workshop of Tula craftsman of Russian gunsmith – V.Koptev, who works with damask steel;
    - the interactive program in the center «Vityaz’» (optionally).
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