"Tula on Foot: Kremlin Park, Musical and Gingerbread Stories"

Duration: 2 ч
Age: For everyone
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  • Description

    • You will learn about the history of Tula, the city of craftsmen and gunsmiths, dating back 872 years after being first mentioned in chronicles

    • You will be surprised that the historical center of the city and the stone fortress were built on a large swamp. What prevents the stone buildings from falling into the ground?

    • You will discover how the residents of Tula ("people of steel") started developing musical prowess and confectionery industry

    • You will learn about gingerbread kings of Tula and Vasily Grechikhin known not only far beyond the city of Tula, but also in Paris, and discover where delicious and amazing Tula gingerbreads are baked now

    • You will walk along the alleys of the Kremlin Garden, where the citizens could once see "French mountains, a bowling alley, American swings, a walrus show, a zoological exhibition, a circus, orchard houses and a summer stock theater"

    • You will find out where it is customary to make wishes at the walls of the ancient fortress and who keeps the peace of Tula today

    • At the end of the excursion (17:00), you can have an excursion to the International Gingerbread Museum (at extra cost)

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