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Duration: 2 h.
Age: For everyone
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    Old Russian applied art handicraft established at Filimonovo village in Odoev district, Tula region. According to the archeologists’ data, the Filimonovo craft is over 700 years old. According to other sources, it is about 1 thousand years old. There is a particular sort of clay in Odoev district. Due to that fact people at all the times molded crockery out of the clay and sold it on the local markets. Every member of the family took part in this craft. Herewith, men and women molded crockery while girls and grandmothers sculptured and painted toys. Besides the regular program, tourists will get the opportunity to learn the traditions and distinctive character of the town. They will sew a rag doll and stitch on the paper- string art. They also will be able to take part in the cooking process of the traditional Belev pastille, to learn its secrets and to taste it. Lacemaking is another popular thing that can attract tourists’ attention.
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