Excursion in the village of Turgenevo

Duration: 3 h.
Age: For school children,For Students
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    The archaelogical findings from the pagan hills were used in the exposition ,there are pieces of a mammoth's skeleton,found in Chern region.Among the exhibits there are things such as an ancient stone axe,arrowheads, stone scrapers,etc.The room of peasants life,the center of the exposition is model of a Russian oven –the centre of a Russian cellar.Peasants tools,handloom,spinning wheels,male and female clothes,shoes present life of Chern region from the end of the 19 century - up to the beginning of the 20th century. Banknotes and documents are located separately from others.The Events of The Great Patriotic War are shown with the help of exhibits in the room of the museum brought by relatives of the veterans.Those are photographs,personal things,awards of chern citizens.In the room there are many models of military equipment,also there are findings from battle places.The most important place in the museum is the exhibition of portraits of Heroes of the Soviet Union -inhabitants of Chern district.The Nickolay Alekseevich Voznesenski room . The museum was built at the place of the house where the family of the famous statesman was living since 1910 to 1923.Documents,photographs and books about his fate were used in the exposition.In the museum is a stand of Voznesensky family.The central place in the exposition is a memorial marking «Honorary Citizen of Tula region».Voznesensky got this rank posthumously by a governor of Tula region - V.S. Gruzdev in 20011.
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